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Group 2: Heroic Warmaster
04/22/2012 08:00 PM by Peschour.


Nice job guys - the fire bug has been outta control since the last patch so very impressive you downed it anywaysCreel at 04/23/2012 04:05 PM

One last Heroic kill for dafluffy. I'll miss you, but Ill be here when you need me <3

Fluffytree at 04/23/2012 11:29 PM
Ramrod: Heroic Zon'ozz
03/17/2012 05:58 PM by Peschour.

Some one had to miss the screen shot...


Hahaha ^^Fluffytree at 03/18/2012 12:22 AM
gratz on the kill - one of the harder fights in DS for sureCreel at 03/18/2012 09:39 AM
Group Serious Casuals down Heroic Warmaster
03/15/2012 11:35 PM by Creel.

Oh and by the way - we are the #1 Horde guild on the server now ...

Not too shabby for casual raiding without any legendaries on the team


fuck i love you guys gratzFluffytree at 03/16/2012 06:12 AM
Grats guys!Ghostshot at 03/16/2012 06:37 AM
Grats SC you guys rock ...Ramrod gets theirs this weekend Ofenkilwel at 03/16/2012 06:57 AM
Ramrod - Heroic Hagara
03/11/2012 09:02 AM by Peschour.


Awesome job Ramrod - you guys are rollinCreel at 03/11/2012 09:47 AM
Nice :DMichelangelo at 03/11/2012 10:25 AM

Awesome :) Grats

Polgera at 03/11/2012 10:40 AM
I'm gonna say ofen is that pile of bones over there lolFluffytree at 03/11/2012 10:11 PM
Fluffy were you trying to type in chat during raid time again and kill Ofen? Na he went through the port because male trolls are not photogenic.Ofenkilwel at 03/16/2012 01:21 PM
Group Serious Casuals down Heroic Hagara
03/02/2012 01:01 AM by Creel.


F u guys for downing her first time.

Lolz gratz

Fluffytree at 03/02/2012 04:15 AM
Nice job guys, checking your parse looks like you guys had a wild kill! Grats, keep up the good work.Ghostshot at 03/02/2012 04:43 AM
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